The Naked Candle Co



We are a big believer in shopping local and supporting local communities and thats why we're proud to say that we source all of our supplies from companies in the UK and usually keep them as close to the Manchester/ Cheshire area as possible so that we can nip in and say hello.


Heres a few of our suppliers & designers ave helped bring The Naked Candle Co to market!


Soy Wax- Chorley, Manchester 

Honey Jars & Amber Jars - Bristol, UK 

Wicks & Fragrance Oil - Scotland (OK so its a LONG drive, but still the UK!)

Packaging - Stockport, Manchester 

Labels - Doncaster, UK 

Edward O'Brien Graphic Designer - Chorlton, Manchester





We source or wax from one of the largest wax companies in the UK, based in Chorley, Lancashire. I regularly visit the depot and have a had a great tour of the factory to see how the wax is actually made. I'm proud to be able to say this as it gives me a better understanding of what goes into producing the best wax and how to make an amazing candle! 

Labels - Fast Labels

I've used Fast Print for my label needs for years now and I can honestly say that they live up to the name! They are fast and reliable. Mainly, the quality of the labels that I get from them is the best that I have came across. If anyone is looking for labels/stickers, these are my recommendation.

Packaging - Direct Packaging Solutions

These guys are a super local company, 5 minutes down the road from our workshop. They helped us put together our well known boxes that are really sturdy and complete our candle perfectly! They have always accommodated us extremely well and were responsible for helping us to design our packaging. Everyone always asks us who supplies our boxes... so here you go!