Spruce up your candle game with this set! 

This set of candle accessories will help your candle burn even longer and better;
wick trimmers - to trim the charred wick before you light your candle to ensure an  even burn throughout. 
Snuffer - the proper and safest way to put your candle out. 
Wick dipper - you can extinguish your candle by either dipping the lit wick in and out of the hot wax or adjust and position the wick while burning to aid the candles nice even burn. 

Not only will you receive your candle cutting accessories. I have paired them up with a lovely, heavy, gold candle tray to sit your signature candle on too 

This package includes a Signature Candle with a fragrance of your choosing. The candle will burn and fill your room full of fragrance for around 45 to 50 hours. (Ingredients: soy wax, cotton & linen wick, fine fragrance oil).

Gold Candle Tray & Accesories With Signature Candle