Signature Candle - Bibliotek


A new addition to the team - Bibliotek. This is Norwegian for library. This candle really brings cosy vibes for a day of staying in with the heating on, reading a book and watching the cold weather from the safety of your sofa. Think old dusty hardback books with a hint of floral.

A rich and intoxicating aromatic accord where we experience dry dusty notes of tobacco and spicy notes include Baies rose.

- Soy wax
- Cotton & linen wick
- Fragrance Oil


Product Information

All candles at The Naked Candle Co are lovingly hand produced in our small studio in Manchester, UK. We carefully select our fragrance oils and mix these with a soy wax to fill your room with your smell of choice and give you a nice long and clean burn, enhanced with the use of a cotton and linen wick.  


When you pick one of our Original Signature Candles you are going to get a 50+ hour burn out of your 16oz jar. 

For best burning results, we recommend burning for 3-4 hours at a time. Never leave a candle burning unattended or within reach of a draft, pets, or small children. Allow candle to cool completely before handling. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nice fragrance but wax problem

Musky and powdery and no complaints about the fragrance. Unusually for the naked candle company my candle had a problem with the wax not melting down as their candles usually do. At first I thought the wick was too thin. The wax would form a crater in the middle of the jar and then the flame would go out. I ended up decanting the wax into another container with my own thicker wick. The wax still won`t melt as it usually does.
Never had a problem before with this brand, usually outstanding.

Luxurious candle

I had been waiting to treat myself to this candle and I was not disappointed. The candle is the usual excellent quality in a sleek jar. The scent is musky and cosy. I think this one might be my favourite yet, although Spice and Sparkle was a strong contender!

sarah wright

A very subtle scent - wouldve liked it a bit stronger but beautiful, musky rose.

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