The Naked Candle Co is a small family run business based in Greater Manchester, UK. 
Our goal is to provide high quality home fragrance products, with a conscience, at a reasonable price. Specialising in sustainable soy wax candles packed with room filling fragrance all that all mix together around a cotton and linen wick.
We're going Green
Being as green as possible is super important here at The Naked Candle Co. We understand that this is a process and that we are not perfect, but we're doing our best and aiming to improve all the time! For example when you order a candle from us everything in the box is recyclable, lets break that down; 
Candle wax - This will burn down to nothing. 
Candle jar & lid - All jars are made in the UK and are glass (recyclable) and the lids are aluminium (recyclable)

Candle box - Our signature candles come in corrugated card boxes which sets them up to be a great present. Once you are done with the box this is recyclable as paper. 
Void fill - To fill space in your parcel and stop any breakages in the post, wood wool or shredded paper is used. You may from time to time receive your parcel with some bubble wrap inside, obviously this isn't recyclable but rest assured this will come from materials that we have had delivered so we're giving it another life making it more than a single use plastic.
Parcel box - Our parcel boxes are double walled cardboard boxes, these are extremely strong to provide the best protection when in transit. These are fully recyclable. 
Parcel tapes - The parcel tape that we use is brown paper tape that is also fully recyclable as paper.    
If you have any further questions please drop us a line
We hope that you enjoy your candles, diffusers, room sprays or any other products that we have provided as much as we enjoy making them! 
The Naked Candle Co team. 
Registered Company Name: The Naked Candle Company Ltd
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